Our Mission Statement

Welcome to Briggs Financial, where we…take care of people. Thank you for stopping by.

In an industry increasingly dominated by Canada's largest institutions, all promoting their "financial plans", I continue to offer my services using the KISS formula…Keep It Simple…yes…Simple.

I want to know about your plans. For over 30 years I have helped my clients identify their important financial issues and objectives, shown them how they can solve or achieve them, and help them stay on track as their life unfolds or their personal circumstances change…because everyone’s circumstances change. And since I began my career in January 1983 I have yet to see anything which would cause me to change my approach (not even Facebook!).

I see my role as a financial educator and coach. I have found the most effective way to do my job is to first get to know you, and what is important to you. After all, the purchase of any financial product has at its core a desire to take care of yourself, or other people…such as your spouse, children, business associates or employees. To me, that’s what financial planning is all about…“taking care of people”.

Securing your Family's Future

Following the advice of a trusted advisor is shown to be a significant factor in building wealth and achieving investment success. Our team can provide sound advice and a Personal Wealth Management Strategy™ to guide & assist you & your family at any stage of life.